Selasa, 23 November 2010

Cuando Me Enamoro Capitulo 102

Jerome got a call from Selene that will change the course of his life, In Mexico City Fina (Rocío Banquells) said Selene (Jackie Garcia) Roberta (Jessica Coch) is not in the capital, but in Ensenada with her sister Renata (Silvia Navarro), Selene thought provoking Roberta walk desire to Augustine (Lisa).

Chema (Ferdinando Valencia) feel very hurt, sad and disappointed, annoyed with Adriana (Florencia de Saracho) because using it for her to stay away from Constance (Lourdes Munguia) and leave the way clear for his father, Honorio (Alfredo Adame.)

Internal Monterrubio, Constance has assured that Fina is the same person who Pepa, the woman who stole daughter Regina (Julieta Rosen) 25 years ago, however, is not sufficient evidence to prove it.

On the farm 'La Bonita', Jerome (Juan Soler) received a call from Selene where you tell a truth that he was not expected and will change the course of his life.

What will happen? What truth will admit Selene Jerome? Find out in When I fall in love. 19:00 pm Channel stars.
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