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Actividad Paranormal 2 Online Sin Megavideo

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Paranormal Activity 2, Tod Williams, is the prequel to this film that, in 2009, surprising the U.S. and the world, with the house of terror and a very low budget. With this background, the long awaited second coming of national cinema tomorrow, after a good start at the box office. In the first half, Katie (Katie Featherston actress) is living with Micah Sloath (name of the same character with the actor) was involved and plan to marry. However, he knew that something haunting and decided to record every move houses. The result is a death, a mysterious tragedy, the death of Micah.

In the second part, the time re: younger sister Katie, Kristi King called her husband and baby at the scene, while Katie and Micah foster closer relationships. However, the history of Paranormal Activity 2 focuses on Kristi and her family, 60 days before the death of Micah.

"After moving to a typical residential neighborhood, the young couple began to hear strange noises. Deciding to leave a film camera at night, to catch the strange presence. But what began as something anecdotes, it becomes your worst nightmare," said a note film production. "They found, surprise, a much more sinister side to the events that interfere with life itself. There's something in all this mythology, not thieves who disturb the family," added the note.

In the new movie came on stage Kristi, her husband Dan, a baby girl named Hunter and Dan have another relationship, called Alli. In addition, the plot added Martine nanny, a Mexican and creyencera some, who found something surprising: he will take action against the problem in order to try to calm him.

All the characters feel the horror of the devil to look for something: the firstborn. What can they do to stop it? What price would you pay? At the end of this film will be the outcome rather than the unexpected, which connects this story with the first part and, of course, with Katie tortured. As mentioned earlier, everything has an explanation, not at all pleasant, but it's the raw truth.

For 91 minutes, the new film using handheld cameras to film some scenes, with the difference that now the security camera will take an important role in the narrative. Slightly better. Many did not explain how I Paranormal Activity and now part 2, has made a public favorite, many critics of the two films are the cinematic mess, but they agree that new production is better than the first.

"Rarely a second film in the horror franchise is more creepy than the original, Paranormal Activity 2 has more innocent victims and fear more than its predecessor," said film critic Claudia Puig, USA Today. It is certain that in this prequel, director Tod Williams before completing the story interesting by adding data to the frame, the power moments of horror and including some mythology.

The climax of this movie, is that people are bored in the first section with a gap of no dialogue and a lack of action, this prequel has a lot of surprises. "This prequel begins exactly like the original, with the same formula. But little by little, let us look more scared in the first half. However, I do not think it will generate as much as the first passion," said Frank Scheck, a critic of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter and are eligible with five stars, from 10 possibilities.

It is clear that the world was created by Williams tried to explain, and unpredictable, where the devil Katie Paranormal activity caught on I and also where he went. plus this movie that the director did with an extra dose of tension, which is more afraid of the chair. actividad paranormal sin megavideo.

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